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I never thought of myself as a writer. It was a thing in the recesses of my desires but never a goal pursued. That is, until the web blossomed into what it is today.

About the same time, along with a creative writing challenge class in college, the thought occurred to me, "This is something I could do, something I could be, a writer."

Ahhh, but what to write about. One idea was on the topic of frugality.

The guides on writing all say that its necessary to write about something new or something old with a fresh view point.

Outside of the web sites, there was nothing new or fresh I could see to write about.

My Websites


Glutathione Disease Cure


Then the first idea came to me....the ultimate guide on Memory Enhancement and Stress Reduction. The book has continued to be improved upon but alas, it has never been released.

Then on moving into the hospice healthcare field, it became apparent that there were very few books on what hospice is, does and why in the health we need to know about this service.

Thus was born my first book. After about a year of work, it was promptly put on a shelf where it has sat for the past several years. I dust it off every so often, hoping to fix what ever is lacking, it is that so far, the answer is illusive.

The books original title was: Dying to Be There, What Hospice Is, Does and Why in the Health You Need to Know. In a dramatic attempt to make the book relevant, it was rewritten to: Dying to Be There, 21 Life Lessons from those at the End of Theirs.

You are welcome to preview the introduction.

Click here to go to the Dying To Be There Introduction

Additionally, writing submissions for nursing magazines and health care publications were created and submitted. But none were published to date. What can I say, I thrive on rejection.

My next book project will most likely be about the Water Cures. The current books on the subject are over 10 years old and much of the info is outdated or simply wrong based on current science. In health care, 10 years could be 100 years old. It is in effect, information from the dark ages. Even if it has not changed, the value of the information is discounted. By creating a new book and with a different point of view, it could be possible to help even more people.

Once the book is created, it could spawn several more books on the same subject. I have seen the water cures help tens of thousands of people improve their health and even their lives by increasing their intake of raw or unprocessed salt intake and drinking more water.

Another book idea on the drawing board, Pain Relief. My career as a professional nurse has made it possible to become an expert in pain management. While this may not make sense to some, through the years, doctors have come to me when they could not get pain under control. Doctors cannot know everything about every topic. They are also limited to mostly use pharmaceuticals for pain management. I can teach people how to use everything from their mind to the farmacy in their fridges to the medicine cabinet in their cupboard to make pain go away. Even things that you did not know were things, like tree hugging (you have to have bare feet), has worked for many to make pain go away. Rarely have I found someone that I could not help improve or totally eliminate their pain.

Other Writing

A Humorous Look at Being Hit On One of my latest posts on Linked In Pulse. It is about, among other things, Water Cures, MLM's and being asked to join the latest MLM by people who do not even know me or what I am about. Enjoy.


Some day, when I find the right coach, the right mentor or the right person to give me a kick in the pants, these book will be finished and published. Perhaps even better books will be created.

Indeed, these are on my bucket list, those things I will do in my lifetime.

Some day, you will see my published books listed here.

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