Wildlife Photography

The Animal Photography of Jonathan Steele

My entry into wildlife photography was as much by accident as was getting into abstract photography. It is also as much a passion as any of my art.

With no formal photographic training and perhaps not totally knowing what I am doing, I just take pictures. So there is no mistake, I am not a photographer.

My book knowledge is even limited when it comes to photography, composition and the science of taking good photographs.

When it came to studying photography, my eyes tended to look at the pictures and skipped the reading.

The Accidental Photographer is the bio of the Elements photography and how I became a photographer.

Having heard bits and pieces of how other photographers take pictures all I can say is it is somewhat different for me. I only shoot when I see a picture. In other words, I may take 35 pictures and 25 to 30 will be usable.

That being said, I also can go and shoot those same 35 pictures in a day in the case of the abstract photography. With animals it is much more difficult. Wild animals tend to run when ever you happen upon them unless they are found in a Zoo.

When taking wildlife photography I try to look for the same emotion you will see in my art.

Please enjoy and it is hoped these will do for you what they do for me.

My wildlife photography is available as blank inside note cards. More information will soon be available so please return.

By the way

I am still taking all of my photos with a borrowed camera. If anyone knows someone in the big camera producers who could get them to consider sponsoring me, I would be honored to endorse and promote their camera. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

These were taken at a Zoo in Florida. Mommy and Me you see above was taken through glass.

Seeing these pictures reminds me of the many times we see couples, young or old. Where ever they may be, couples always evoke an endearing emotion in other couples.

If only we could always be together.

These sunrise photos were taken in FarRockaway, New York. They were taken while checking out a place for a video commercial I produced for my web host. That video was later shot in the same location.

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