The Car Art of Jonathan Steele

The Car Art you will see here is in welded steel car parts.

With the background of a machinist, a mother driver, a father welder and a supportive other mother and a wonderful wife my art takes form. When I see car parts I see car art.

It can be categorized as steel sculpture, found car part art, found art or car art. All is pure Jonathan Steele Art.

I find parts everywhere which means I see art everywhere.

Once the pieces are in one hand and the welder in the other, they just seem to go together somehow.

It is almost like there is a balance and the parts seem to find it as if they belonged there.

Well, let the art tell the rest of the story. See if you can identify the parts as you see them in my car art.

Two Views of the Same Piece

The motivation for this car part art was shape, form and balance. These parts exist in the world we live in. They are works of art on their own. Combined and arranged, they let some of their design ascetic be seen by all..

Discover More Art

Beyond the car art, there is much more. Check out some of the links below.

Two Lips is a found art Lipstick Kiss made out of the hammered steel from a car hood.

Found Art Gear Mirrors are also functional car part art. They are mirrors you can use in your home. Each is signed by me, Jonathan Steele.

If you like these, you might like to see some other Jonathan Steele Art. Check out the site for more art.

Abstract Art Photography of Jonathan Steele is the photos of steel of among other things burned out buildings and scrap metal.

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