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These Abstract Steel Sculptures are the result of years in and around steel. The son of a boiler maker and steel worker and with a grandfather a tool and die maker, it was only natural that Jonathan Steele would create in steel.

A self taught tool and die maker himself, he opted for the abstract steel sculpture, welded steel sculpture, and found art steel sculpture.


Cube, welded steel sculpture, steel cube

Cube is the welded found art from steel art of Jonathan Steele. This is one of the earliest creations. It is a study of simplicity. To learn more about this artwork, please click on the image.

On the next page, you can learn more about the inspiration and creation of this small work of art.


One of These

found art steel sculpture, circles, rusty steel, abstract steel sculpture

Discus (Sold)

The Inspiration of Discus

The inspiration for discus was simply the fluidity of circles working together. It was created with no cartoon. There was no designing involved. It was simply a design seen in the imagination and interpreted into the piece you see here.

It was named on completion. When in school in track and field, I once took third place in the discus throwing. The view of these lamp weights reminded me of all the bad throws it took to learn how to get a great one.

Perfection was found in the throw that had a perfect angle, perfect release and a perfect pitch. It was as if these pieces of scrap metal knew where to go, what to do.

Its Previous Life

The metal making up the circles in Discus are lamp weights. The base is pine with a felt base.

The Size

It measures 18 inches tall (46cm) on a 6 inch by 6 inch by 6inch base.

Towering Circles (Sold)

Much like discus, the inspiration for Towering Circles was the form and function of circles. This scrap steel just begged to be put together in this welded steel art piece you see.

There is a second aspect to the inspiration. It was created as part of a series of steel sculpture to make abstract steel sculpture affordable.

It is made of a found piece of plasma cut steel (the base), a steel rod, some lamp weights and some bearing races.

It was then sandblasted and clear coat finished.

It is heavy.

This is a fun piece. Some will ask what it is. Others will know. With such a piece of art, simply ask the question...What are the circles doing.

abstract steel sculpture, found art, circles, round, steel grey, bearing races

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