Re-selling Art

Cashing in On Your Art Investment

Liquidating or re-selling art can be a very rewarding aspect of art investing and collecting. The ability to liquidate or convert the art into cash is limited. If planned for, it is manageable.

Good News for Art Investors

It gets better. A few studies have shown that during economic downturn, recession and especially war, art will outperform the stock indexes.

Here is the best part. If you buy art because it speaks to you, it moves you or you just like it. no love it, you can never really lose. It is one of the few tangible assets that you can own that will have the potential to truly appreciate in value.

Re-selling art is not often done because people want to keep and enjoy the art.

(Note...Even your home is a liability. It requires maintenance, insurance, taxes and interest when buying. If you cash out of your home, you still have to live somewhere so in reality it is not an investment. It is a liability.

Re-selling Art, How To

First start with where the print was purchased. Many dealers will often resell art. This is especially true if the print is sold out.

Expect the store to keep a portion of the value it sells for as a commission. Living artists tend to not appreciate in value as high as deceased artists. That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate.

Check out famous artists like Robert Bateman and Bev Doolittle. You will find their prints that sold for only $200 are now worth between 5K to 10K. These prices are for living artists.

Art Auctions

Art auctions are another way to move the art. Christies and Sotheby’s are two of the more well known.

Even small auction houses like the ones that may be near you have sold art for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the art has value and if it is marketed well it will bring a good price.

The auction charge varies from auction to auction.


There are a number of e-auctions on the web now. They require more due diligence to meet the demands of a high sale price. The web has the advantage of creating viral marketing to help drive up interest in the artwork.

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