Cosmic Ripples in Water and Time


is the abstract impressionism of visiting a pool of water from memories of my childhood, down the road from my families farm. I used to drop pebbles to make the ripples in water. In the fall the bottom of the water would often be lined with leaves of the fall colors. So it only seemed fitting to use yellow and blue as the dominant colors.

The following will further explain the inspiration of this painting.

The Inspiration

My mind is flooded from time to time with memories of the childhood visits to the country and a special place where we went swimming in the creek.

In the fall, the creek went to sleep with barely a trickle of water running.

It was then that the fun came of throwing a pebble in the still pool of the swimming hole to wake it up. It was happy for all the fun we had together and for my one last visit of the season.

I knew this because with each pebble dropped from the bridge above, it would smile a hundred times over, each getting bigger and bigger, one followed by another until the water could not contain them any longer.

An endless parade of what you might call ripples, in reality, the waters smiling back at me for the good times, fun times we shared in my childhood. Thus began the inspiration for Pool.

Then I wondered, what color leaves would exist in a world that we would create in our mind. In the fall these leaves would make a carpet for the ground.

For some, like a comforter made by Grandma, they would softly lay at the bottom of the water. There, in that imaginary place, I could sit and throw pebbles all day long, watching the ripples, endlessly and forever smiling back in the water over the comforter of leaves at the bottom of the water.

What Childhood Memories Inspire You?

No doubt you have some wistful memories of childhood exploration. What did you discover that causes you to think back to that time of joy and wonder? Think back on them now and take a moment to enjoy the inspiration, your own personal inspiration. Just as this picture takes me back on a momentary vacation from my current reality, you too can go to your own special place in time.

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