One Mans Trash Another Mans Treasure

The Photographic Treasures from Trash
By Jonathan Steele

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The old adage... One Mans Trash Another Mans Treasure …is never more true than when viewing the photographic art of Jonathan Steele. Hey, that’s me. The thumbnails you see above are the view of the camera before enhancement.

The Views Around My Home Town

These are photos from Whitehall, Northampton, and Catasauqua Pennsylvania. They were taken for the Northampton Press, the Catasauqua Press, and the Whitehall Press papers which were doing a story about me.

To let you have a little insight in how I work and produce my art I have included the before pictures above.

Photographing the Photographer

I met up with Photographer Linda Rothrock and her two assistants.

Needless to say they had a lot of questions about art, being an artist, and the kind of art I produced. I kinda think one if not both may be involved with the arts when they grow up. I you have not figured it out, her assistants are her children.

This was impressive as most kids have very little interest in what mom and dad do. So many kids have a life that revolves around games and recreation, not learning. These kids were not only enjoying a vacation day with mom at work, they also were eager to learn.

Both were interested in the arts. One may just grow up to be a reporter and photo journalist. The other has not made any choices of which direction in the journey of life to go just yet. Judging by the quality of parenting they are receiving, it will be a very good choice.

Of course this only happens as a result of parents that nourish and develop these qualities in their children. Both Mom and Dad are to be commended to have brought up two such fine children.

Perhaps in the case of knowledge the adage is also true... One Mans Trash Another Mans Treasure. Knowledge is indeed a treasure if you look at it that way. Perhaps to the majority is it just trash.

It was my Great Aunt Betty and my father who both were always an encouragement for me to pursue the arts. Instead of saying...when are you going to get a real job?...they were a constant encouragement to not only pursue the arts, but to pursue it with passion and hard work.

Now, on with the shoot of …One Mans Trash Another Mans Treasure...

This came out as a surrealistic view of a stone wall.

This is a cropped version and one of my favorites.

This became a wave of colors.

This surprised me as it came out pink.

Thanks for checking me out. There is more, a whole lot more.

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