Which Artworks for Nursery Decorating?

Whats Best For Baby?

Nursery decorating using art can be a rewarding adventure.

When it comes to nursery decorating, there are numerous choices available.

The reality is that we tend to decorate baby's rooms for ourselves and not the baby. Baby’s only see in black and white for the first few months. To some degree they are still learning to process all of the visual stimulation that is entering their brains. Then they grow, and grow, and grow.

The current fashion is to use colors that are considered to soothing such as pastels. This is going to challenge current thinking on how to decorate a baby's room. Consider your nursery decorating from the perspective of what will help the baby to grow and prosper into a successful adult.

A Word of Caution: As humans we tend to look for social acceptance. If you decorate based on the considerations here you may not be popular with family and friends. The baby room decorating choices you make today can be changed tomorrow. The benefits of the way you go about decorating baby rooms are for a lifetime. Should they be to please friends or for the future adult that today is your baby?

I for one, grew up with real oil on canvas paintings decorating the walls of my home. In our bathroom, a mural was painted on the wall by a local famous artist. A clear paint was put over it to protect it from moisture. It survived till my mid 20's.

Having art around me played an important role in my creativity, boht growing up and in later life.

So what should be considered when decorating baby rooms?

Nursery Decorating Considerations

You Will Always Be Right if you Buy What You Like

First and most important is to buy what you like. Of course color coordination, size and subject matter will play a part. In the end, if you get something you like you can not go wrong. How can what you like be balanced with the decorating needs?

Buy for the Baby’s IQ

IQ or intelligence quotient is the part of intelligence we think of when we think of when considering how smart someone is. When you look at all of the books that people buy to make their babies smarter, it is only natural that art should be a part of the process. Do you know how art helps with cognitive development? Do you know which kind of art to buy?

Buy for the Baby’s EQ

For the past decade, a new focus in mental health studies has emerged. It is called EQ or emotional quotient. EQ is a measurement of how well a person manages emotions and relates to others. It is thought that the EQ is a better predictor of future success at school and in life than IQ. How can you buy to decorate baby rooms to promote positive EQ.

Buy for the Baby’s Future

Our babies will not always be babies. They will grow up. How can you start collecting art for the future adult that the child will become?

Buy for Baby’s Financial Investment

Unlike other investments, art has some very unique advantages and challenges. How can decorating baby rooms also be investing. How can the art you buy today have the potential for financing future financial interests?

These are a few questions to consider when making you nursery decorating decisions. Of course it would be only natural for me to insert some shameless self promotion here. Please check out the gallery and using Jonathan Steele artwork for your decorating needs.

Go to the Steele Yard (Home Page)

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