The Red Lipstick Kiss Painting...

One Thousand Two Lips

One Thousand Two Lips

One Thousand Two Lips is the red lipstick kiss painting from 2005.

It is acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped, images going around the sides of wrap.

Sold and Now in a Private Collection. 2018 Update: I'm told it resold at double the original price and in another collection.

Painting has a total of one thousand red lipstick kisses within the painting.

Inspiration for Painting

  • One Thousand Two Lips

The impression of the beauty of fields of flowers was the inspiration for this painting. The flowers gently swaying with a breeze made me think of how kisses can be soft and gentle. When a man wants to share the beauty of creation with a woman, he gives flowers. When a woman shows her appreciation in return, she gives a kiss. Thus came to be One Thousand Two Lips.

There is a second more subtle component in this painting. A lover of astronomy and the sciences, I thought of how science theorizes the existence of black holes. They even have pictures as evidence*. In the end, it is just a theory. I believe they do exist. Deep, mysterious, and you don’t know where on the other side of the universe you will end up if you enter the “black hole” we call Love.

These lips are special to me. They were modeled by my wonderful and beautiful wife.

*Black Hole example: Dust Disks like one in Galaxy NGC 4261.

Final Thoughts

The painting, One Thousand Two Lips started with a single kiss. It resulted in a painting with the many red kisses you see here. Please kiss responsibly.

Comments From a New Art Lover

Let me tell you about Kathy, my bank manager. My artwork showed at her bank. Here are her comments about the lipstick kisses of One Thousand Two Lips.


"You have been instrumental in opening my eyes and mind to art. I never really took the time to look at art and really appreciate the truly beautiful works of art we have all around us until you offered to display your work in our office. Even after your display went up, I continued to walk by without giving a thought to how 'beautius' and creative everything looked."

"Then one day I was talking with my team and something about One Thousand Two Lips caught my eye. I kept looking at the painting and thinking that is a beautiful bunch of flowers."

"As I looked closer I realized they were not little red flowers but hundreds of lipstick kisses. I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked closer and saw how each set of lips flowed and rolled."

"The more I studied the painting the deeper I was drawn into how the lips were placed so as to give a feeling of being drawn into the the painting, as if it were a black hole. I looked at how the light played on each set of lips making them look as if they were falling into infinity."

"What an awakening!"

"Here I was walking past what I believed to be a field of little red flowers, because I was too busy to stop a really look at the painting. Your work has helped me take the time to see things for what they really are, and not what I imagine them to be, as I fly by during the hustle and bustle of my everyday tasks."

"Now, wherever I go, I stop and look at the art. I simply cannot believe what I have been missing all these years. You have truly provided a wonderful gift to me and all who view your works."

"Even today as I look at your painting I am drawn in by the beauty. Keep up the good work."


What do the lipstick kisses do for you?

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