Steel Sculpture Lips Kiss in Red Lipstick

Made from a Car Hood

This Lips Kiss sculpture of lips puckered up for a passion red lipstick kiss are made from the hammered steel of a car hood. They are made from two pieces of steel that were plasma cut and then hammered to shape and wire feed welded together.

Lipstick Red Lips, hammered steel sculpture from steel of car hood, lips

Lipstick Red hammered steel lips made from car hood. Price $299.00
Note: This piece was sold in 2009 to a hair dresser in Connecticut. New versions are planned or can be commissioned.

The Inspiration or Lips Kiss

The inspiration for lips was simply that they are everywhere. Everyone has them. Some are thin, some are full but they are everywhere. Lips were among the first of my hammered steel sculptures. The materials in these found art object lips was ordinary. The lips who were the basis of these lips were not however.

They were modeled by the lips of my dear wife.

Its Previous Life

The metal making up the lips were the hood of a car. They have been all over Pennsylvania, driving on the roads and by ways. Where will they end up? Will they soon decorate the walls of some connoisseur of art? Will they end up with a connoisseur of lips or a collector of pop art? Will they become the collection of one who appreciates the red lipstick kiss of these found art lips.

The Finish

Red Enamel Paint is the finish for my lips. The paint is several coats thick.

The Signature

These are signed on both the front and on the back side. The Jonathan Steele signature is on all art work by Jonathan Steele.

The Size

It measures 22 3/4 inches (58cm) wide by 12 1/2 inches (32 cm) inches high. They are designed as a wall hanging. They can be displayed as free standing sculpture with an easel.

The Ones that Got Away

We have made a few of these. They are in private collections along the Eastern US. One is in the collection of a beauty shop owner. The other was sold through a gallery in Lambertville, NJ.

We plan on making more of these as well as other designs. We gladly consider requests and create commissioned works as well.

All commissions come with a guarantee, you like it or you don't have to pay for it.

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