The Landscape Photography of Jonathan Steele

Landscape Photography and seascape photography can speak the same way a painting will speak to a viewer. The difference is that it speaks in a different language.

This is a small sampling of my landscape photos. What does it say to you? What emotions do you see or feel in each of these photographs?

The Accidental Photographer is the story of how I started in photography.

Since I did not have a camera of my own, I am constantly borrowing one from different friends. Although most would not loan their cameras to anyone, they have kindly made an exception for me.

Of course, I am looking to get one and would gladly promote a camera if some manufacturer were to sponsor me.

Please enjoy these photos. All will be available as blank inside note cards in the future.

This is just a small sampling. More will be posted in the next few months. Thanks for visiting and...

Please return to see what develops.

winter scene, red and brown photograph,


Everywhere and in every place we are affected by waves every day,

Waves of emotion, sentiment, and mood that affect us in every way.

Which waves will you master and which waves will you keep at bay.

"You will not toss me hither and thither!' is what to this wave you’ll say.

For better is it to safely enjoy the view, to be able to return another day,

Than to be tossed, thrown about, ending like a wave, come what may.

beach, sunrise, ocean view picture, beach in the morning, orange photograph

water, harbor photo, water photo, blue water, harbor reflections, jonathan steele photography
Split Rock Light House, light house, Great Lakes Light House The Landscape Photography of Jonathan Steele
Oslo Flowers

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