One Of These
The Junk Sculpture Metal Work of Jonathan Steele

Below you will find the inspiration, the creation process and just a little about me and my process. For those who know, my love of creating should be no surprise. This work was just an example of how that creative process has been extended into the arena of metal art sculpture.

Sculpture For Sale This is currently for sale and placement into your private collection or to put in public trust.

One Of These:
The Junk Sculpture of Jonathan Steele

Also called Assemblage
One Of These: Junk Sculpture of Jonathan Steele

Junk Steel Sculpture by Jonathan Steele

Inspired by the Bob Thaves Cartoons called Hermon, my art career started with drawing cartoons. Soon I progressed to other medias.

One of his cartoons in particular, had Hermon with some sort of assemblage of pipes and he was in the store asking, "Do you have one of these?"

One day, visiting a friend who owned a garage and noticing a bin with old junk truck parts, the gears in my head started turning. Collecting several piece, the piece started to take shape in my head even before the pieced were checked for fit.

Actually, none of the pieced were designed to go together nor did they fit together in real life. However, in my mind, I pictured a piece that was cobed together and an old shade tree mechanic walking in to a part store and asking..."You got one of these?"

There is a bonus. This particular sculpture casts numerous shadows depending on how it is lit. Each shadow has its own unique features and interesting views.

The base is a Belgium block granite paver. It was cut in half to make the base you see.

Here are two different views of the piece.

It is available for your collection. Asking price, $875.00

Junk Steel Sculpture by Jonathan Steele

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