Welcome to my web home and gallery where you will see the various JonathanSteeleWorks of art. Unless otherwise indicated, all works are for sale or sometimes, resale.

There are several art forms I have explored in my career.

Steel Sculpture

Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Found Art / Assemblage

Pen, Pencil and Ink

Abstract Photography




Machine Design

The Art of Nursing

  • The art of nursing is the creative use of ones mind, body and spirit, using skills, knowledge and expertise, to provide care and help clients create within themselves a healing potential.
  • Behind every work is a journey and with each journey is a story.

    As you venture through the site, I will share my inspirations and processes with you.

    Art Knowledge Base

    One of the tings you will find here, Jonathan Steele is not a typical artist. If you like abstract artwork or impressionist art then we hope you will enjoy the art you see here. Additionally you will find information on how to use, buy, sell and even profit from art.

    Invest Time, Heart & Mind in Art

    Invest time? The Jonathan Steele Works provides the impressionist abstract artwork, paintings, photography, steel sculptures, and found art created by Jonathan Steele. Do you like art? Does it move you? There is a psychology and Jonathan Steele Taps into that science in what he creates. Find out why it does this for you.

    Invest Heart? Art is a means for me to communicate from my soul to your heart. Does my art speak to you? If it does, it has met the intended purpose. Take a peek and see what feelings it evokes from within.

    Invest Your Mind?The Jonathan Steele artwork gallery is more than just my art. It is an educational tool to help you learn more about art. Did you know everyone can profit from art. Both personally and monetarily it is possible to start collecting art. You can profit from art as well. These will be yours if you invest your mind in learning a little about art, what it is, and how to profit from it. In 2017, one of my paintings that originally sold for $2200 was resold for $4000.

    Do you know how to…

    • Decorate with art?
    • Care for art?
    • Start collecting art?
    • Invest in art?

    Learn about these and more in the JonathanSteeleWorks Information Resources

    Do you know...

    • Contemporary Art?
    • Abstract art?
    • Abstract Impressionism?
    • Found Art?
    • Abstract Photographic Fine Art?

    Do you like poetry and prose? You will also find some by the artist Jonathan Steele here.

    Do you wonder why artist create what they create. Every art work you see will have an explanation of the inspiration behind the creation.

    Are you an artist? Do you want to make a living from your art? Are you curious of what is involved in being an artist? Both Artists and Patrons are invited into my behind the scenes world of what is involved in being an artist. You are welcome to see my artist life.

    Jonathan Steele Abstract Artwork For Sale By Artist

    Unless otherwise indicated (read: its already sold), all artwork you will see on this site is for sale. You can include it in your own private collection. If you are within several hours from the Snug Palace Studio, in many instances we can deliver and set up the artwork for collectors.

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