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Here you can discover the Jonathan Steele Videos. From You Tube to documentaries, the body of his work will be found here.

With no formal training, his first video production was a commercial for SBI, the company that hosts this website. It won a $500 honorable mention award. Since then, he has created a number of small You Tube videos, mostly of a interview nature.

These few creations spurred him on to produce a documentary for the Water Cures website. This is something for the future.

This is first video produced by Jonathan Steele. The camera man was Michael Desentis, at the time, a student at Scranton University.

Other Jonathan Steele Videos from Creator Studios

Nothing fancy here, but this will document the start of his creation of videos.

This is a radio commercial that Jonathan did the voice work for and then put to a video montage of some of his photos.

This is Bob Butts, the founder of The Water Cures, making the holistic treatment available to everyone.

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