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Public speaking is not given the due as an art that many other performance based arts. Yet it has challenges and rewards equal to any other kind of art. Sometimes speaking has supplemented his art career. Always it has been a part of his artwork.

In time, videos of speaking will be posted here.

Jonathan Steele was introduced to public speaking at the age of 7 when chosen to speak in front of his school at assembly. He spoke in French. In his early years, in Washington DC, schools required learning 2 languages at an early age.

Jonathan Steele Public Speaking Early Years

Then on moving to Colorado, the speaking continued. In his early teens, he was invited to speak at the University of Colorado to Undergraduates. The teacher who arranged the speech bought him dinner at McDonalds. Thus, it became his first paid speaking gig. And it was not his last speaking gig at the university either. He was invited again.

One day, his sister who had taken a credit free class at college was unable to attend. She asked if he would like to go in her stead. He did and it opened the door to professional public speaking, although he did not go through it at that time.

With an opportunity to pursue an artist career, all other endeavors were put on hold. Getting mentored by Ken Ernst (Marry Worth cartoon), he started cartooning and moved on to etched and sand carved glass.

On moving to New York, he continued to grow as a non paid public speaker. He spoke to as few as 25 and up to a few thousand at a time. He continued learning and improving his speaking skills.

Then on moving to North East Pennsylvania, he started his professional public speaking career. His first speech was at Marywood University as he filled in for a cancellation.

Since that day, he has spoke to arts groups, doctors in hospitals in both North, Central and South America, and to various groups on numerous topics.

He can speak on just about everything short of nuclear physics. One dear friend has often poked at him that he could even give a lively and enlightening talk on The Endochronic Properties of Resublimated Thiotimoline. Being that he is a fan of Isaac Asimov, he probably could.

Early in the first decade of the 21'st century, he got together with 18 others in Montreal Canada to formalize a class that later was taught around the world in colleges. He is one of the pioneers of 'Build a Successful Internet Based Business' course.

As an adjunct instructor at the community college level, he taught classes on building websites to ordinary people.

All you needed to know was how to write a letter and how to send an email. If you could do that, you could build a successful internet based business.

Teaching Public Speaking

To further his speaking, he started teaching, coaching and mentoring others in public speaking. As part of this, he created the website,

He has taught countless numbers of speakers to improve their public speaking skills the youngest, 7 years old.

The website covers over 40 different public speaking skills.

Incidentally, he was able to challenge the his public speaking class in college by letters of recommendation on his speaking abilities.

Book Jonathan Steele to Speak at Your Function

You can speak to Jonathan about speaking at your gathering or convention by contacting him.

Jonathan Steele

1232 South Irving St

Scranton, PA 18505-2428

Come back as in time we add more information and videos of Jonathan Steele public speaking.

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