Jonathan Steele Philanthropy

While Jonathan Steele has never been rich, the Jonathan Steele Philanthropy speaks to his love of giving. Jonathan has from an early age, given of him self to help others.

Through the years, he has given up to 90 hours a month as a volunteer in addition to producing his art work, his nursing career and being a devoted husband. He has worked in Hurricane Hugo relief in Antigua and trained doctors in Columbia, Mexico and Cost Rica.

He now provides health coaching to train others how to get and maintain their best health.

One of his current philanthropies is working for He is the executive director of Water Cures and is helping promote this health improving technique. The water cures involves simply adding more salt and more water to our diet. The benefits to most are dramatic.

It is nothing more than an oral version of a saline IV.

Some of the initiatives the Water Cures are currently working on include:

  • Research study on the cure for leg cramps.
  • Research on a cure for PTSD.
  • Improving Athletic Performance with the Water Cures.
  • Creating a documentary on Dr. Batmanghelidj.
  • Creating a documentary on the Water Cures.

Discover more about the Water Cures at

He also devotes considerable time to his religious beliefs as a minister. For over 20 years he devoted over 80 hours a month to his ministerial work.

History of Jonathan Steele Philanthropy

In the 1970's, Contemporary Magazine for the Denver Post, doing an article on Jonathan, described him in the title of the article as a Philanthropist Artist with a Philosophy.

Other than maturing in his artistic abilities, he is the same person and holds to the same philosophy: Always give more than you take.

You can support his work with the Water Cures by making a donation. Even small donations are welcome.

You are also invited to Like Jonathan on Facebook and G+.

He is a true innovator and continues to create, both art, help people as well as creating his inventions.

If you would like to give to one of his charities, by donation or through purchase of his art, feel free to contact him at any time. He is here to help you, if he can. In the future, we hope to auction his paintings, sculptures and photographs to help raise money for his charities. There is so much to do. Come and be a part of it all.

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