Impressionism Art Work of Jonathan Steele

Dear Patron of the Arts,

Do you know what Impressionism Art is?

It was originally the name coined in a satirical review of an

1860’s art movement of Paris based artists. It was later adopted by both the public and artists as the name of an art movement and style of painting.

In Paintings

These paintings typically consisted of visible brush strokes. The style included bright use of light and varied colors. Black was rarely used. Works often emphasized lighting and its qualities, every day subject matter that was viewed from unusual angles.

Instead of mixing colors as was typical of the masters, colors would have been placed side by side thus blue and yellow would give the "impression" of green.

Details were excluded to emphasize the over all affect or feeling a particular view, the view you would share as you looked at the painting. Think of the painting as if it was a photograph snapshot taken at an unusual angle with the light accenting a certain feature or aspect of the view.

If you have ever been to such a place or have seen the subject matter of any painting, you would have the feel of being there even though it is not a detailed painting. This is one of the reasons and ways art moves us. It is that feeling that the artist captures within the arrangement of paint on the canvas.


SunDay is the painting inspired on receiving word of a dear family member being diagnosed with cancer. It embodies the feelings I had to stifle as a nurse. It includes the poem that puts the emotions into words.


One Thousand Two Lips

The red lipstick kiss painting of one thousand lipstick kisses. Acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped, images continue around sides.

Sold December 2009 Private Collection in Connecticut. 2017 Informed that it was sold at about double original price.


Sun Spot The painting of a sunny day over a field of flowers.


Pool is an impressionism from a place in my childhood that I threw pebbles in the water. It includes a story about how the painting came to be.


Family Faces is about the harmony and unity we all would hope to have in our families.

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