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Found Art Objects...the Definition and History

Found Art Defined

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Found object, found-art, art from things found, 3-d art from found objects, and recycled art all refer to the same thing. They originate from a French term found object (French: objet trouvé: ob•jet trou•vé (ôb-zhā' trū-vā' n., pl. ob•jets trou•vés (ôb-zhā' trū-vā').

What ever you consider it to be, here you will be found a number of objects that have been turned into art. Discover what we have, art is everywhere, if only you can look to see it.

What is Found Art

The terms describes art works created from everyday common objects that are not in and of them selves normally considered to be art.

The significance of found art comes from the context into which it is applied or used.

The result is a blurring the traditional concept of what is art and what is not art. It also challenges the nature of what is considered art.

It goes beyond folk art and it many times becomes a form of Pop Art.

History of Found Art

Marcel Duchamp used the term readymade in 1915 as a description of his found art. His piece, Fountain, which was a urinal that bore his signature, the pseudonym "R. Mutt", challenged the sensibilities of the art world in 1917.

The Society of Independent Artists rejected the submission to their 1917 art show.

Artists Embracing Found Art

Pablo Picasso also used found objects as the basis for the creation of Baboon and Young.

Some of the many contemporary artists using found items in their creations...

• Arman
• Salvador Dalí
• Marcel Duchamp
• Pablo Picasso

In Poetry

Poets, too, create art out of non-literary writing. Cordelia McGuire turned a funeral home classified advertisement into a poem entitled Embalmer by adding line breaks.

In Film

Found objects are featured in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film Amelie.

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Art as Furniture

There are high end stores that will allow you to furnish your entire home or office with found objects of art that are repurposed into items for living spaces. Everything from personal items to furniture are made from recycled things turned into art objects.

Unlike traditional furnishings, these not only have the ability to maintain their value, they can even increase in value.

Examples of Found Art Objects

Found Object Gear Mirror is a car part art work by Jonathan Steele. It is made from a car flywheel.

More Found Gear Mirror is a car part art mirror that can serve as art and decoration.

Fringes of the Definition: Found in Trash Pic's

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