Found Art Object
Gear Mirror

This found art object gear mirror is art from auto parts. So in reality it is car part art.


The Blue Gear Mirror Inspiration

It was inspired by the TV Show Wing Nuts. When seeing what they could with Airplane parts, the thought the same with car parts.

It is made from a flywheel ring gear. This gear is the thing your starter engages to turn you engine when you start your car.

Its Previous Life

In its previous life, it was installed on a flywheel. Instillation required heating it up and placing it over the flywheel. Once it cools down, it shrinks into a tight fit on the flywheel.

Rather than selling it for scrap metal, (it is high carbon steel) it has a new life as recycled art. It has a DS mirror glued to a 1/8th inch plywood backing. The carriage bolts hold the mirror and backing in the center.

The Finish

It is powder coated in Mopar Blue. Powder coating is an environmentally and human safe form of coating metal. A dry powder coating is sprayed on the metal while an electrostatic charge is applied. This creates static cling so that the powder will be attracted to and stick to the entire surface of the metal.

Then it is heated up in an oven and baked on. It makes for a hard, durable finish.

The end result…this found art object gear mirror or car part art is enough car to be appreciated by a car enthusiast and enough classy finish to satisfy the discriminating tastes of the decorator. It fits both as utility found art and as pop art.

The Signature

All pieces are signed by Jonathan Steele. This creates a unique identifier and will be a part of the value of the piece.

The Size

It measures 14 ½ inches (37mm) in diameter, the nuts on the back side act as spacers making holding it away from the wall 7/8 inch (2.3mm). The mirror is slightly larger than 12 inches (30.5mm).

You can get a custom made Found Art Gear Mirror in Black Red or just about any color. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Gray Gear Mirror / Red Gear Mirror

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