Found Art Gear Mirror

Car Part Art in Black

This utility art creation found art gear mirror or Auto Part Art is made from a flywheel pressure plate.

The Inspiration

The inspiration went beyond the first gear mirror.

This was created with a desire of economy of materials. So the spacers that hold it away from the wall are the center guts of the pressure plate. The parts cut out with a plasma cutter were turned around and welded back on. They produce the spacer and the hanger all in one.

It came about from watching the TV Show Wing Nuts. They made airplane parts into furnishings. I thought why not do the same with car parts.

I have to admit, the show American Chopper also gave me some further inspiration to pursue this art form. With the bikes created for the show pushing the borders of artistic creation, I just had to start doing the same with car parts.

The Found Art Gear Mirror Previous Life

Unlike the ring gear, this gear is welded directly to the plate. It has a series of holes on the back side of the plate to make it lighter. Since it would damage the engine if it was out of balance, it had to go through a balancing process.

Rather than selling it for scrap metal, (it is high carbon steel) it has a new life as a found art gear mirror. It has a DS mirror glued to the metal and there is no backing board as with the ring gear mirror.

The Finish

It is powder coated in jet black. Powder coating is an environmental and human safe form of finishing metal. A dry powder coating is sprayed on the electro-statically charged metal. This creates static cling so that the powder will be attracted to and stick to the entire surface of the metal.

Then it goes into an oven and is heated up and the finish is baked on. It creates a hard, durable finish.

The end result…this found art gear mirror. This is the ultimate Car Part Art. Its utility makes it both found art and pop art.

The Signature

All pieces are signed by Jonathan Steele. This makes each piece unique as an investment piece. Enjoy it as a furnishing and as an investment.


The Black Car Part Art Gear Mirror

Price SOLD but will make on commission.

The Size

It measures 12 inches (30.5cm) in diameter, the ring gear has the mirror mounted on a piece of wood and floating in the center of the gear.

Red Gear Mirror by Jonathan Steele

The Red Car Part Art Gear Mirror

Price $127.00

The Size

It measures 12 inches (30.5cm) in diameter, the center cut out and welded on the back side act as spacer and hanger holding it away from the wall 1 1/2 inch (3.8cm).

Mopar Blue Gear Mirror by Jonathan Steele

The Mopar Blue Car Part Art Gear Mirror

Price $127.00 (Sold but will make on commission)

The Size

It measures 14 inches (35.5cm) in diameter, the mirror is floating in the center of the ring gear. The hanger is on the wood backing and the mirror is held in place by three carrage bolts. The color is powder coated.

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