Fish Sculpture

Made From A Car Hood

These fish sculpture are among my first steel sculpture creations.


They can be called found art fish sculpture as they are recycled from found items. They also are car part art and could be considered steel sculpture.

The Inspiration

In my years as an artist and as far back as 30 years ago I have learned that people’s eyes are drawn to certain styles. Those preferences fall into just a few basic design patterns.

They are...

Squiggly lines

My preference is purely dependent on which mood I want to capture for the end viewer and user. My thoughts were that since most walls are either a square or rectangle, what better way to compliment them than a few circles.

Thus came the idea for a circular fish.

How They Came to Be

This happened one day on learning after learning about Bowen. It happened the day my art career was given back to me. Wanting to see if I could hammer once again with out my right arm going numb, I went to my mechanic, less than a mile from me.

He always had car parts lying around prior to their getting hauled off to the junk yard. I asked for a car hood. I took it to the junk yard only this time to recycle it myself. It was at the junk yard that armed with a plasma cutter, the blank of the fish took shape.

Actually several blanks were cut out that day.

Then off to the studio to hammer it into a fish.

This is a picture of me hammering a set of lips. This is much the same process as hammering the fish sculpture.

Then some fins were formed, welded and the finished product is as you see it here.

There were and will be some other shapes. They sold before I could get quality photos of them. More to come so please return.


Me with car hood steel cut into blanks that will be be formed into Two Lips. Behind me are a few of the Fish recycled from a car hood.


This is me hammering the steel into a pair of lips.


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