Family Faces

Acrylic on Canvas Painting 3'x 4'

The Family Faces painting has a unique inspiration and creation from other my other works. Usually a work of art will start with an image in my mind. Often there will even be a cartoon or sketch. Family Faces grew out of the canvas with out any preconceived design.

Family Faces Painting Bio

I started out just wanting to put a number of faces on a canvas but did not know how or have any idea of the final arrangement. The faces were based on a series of steel sculptures with faces. The pointillist style of painting allowed considerable time between each next face added to the whole. That time created the void where the inspiration grew.


It started with the first face on the left. Then, from left to right, each new face was added. By the time the third face was added, what the finished image needed to be became apparent.

As it progressed, it became apparent that the inspiration of Family Faces, although subliminal, was the composite of the families I have known and the loving relationship they enjoyed. It became the mother father child baby painting composite of what we all want, that is, unity and harmony.

Each member of a family fits like a piece of a very simple jigsaw puzzle. The fit is simply because of love.

Additionally, within a loving family, the whole is something greater than the sum of the parts. What any one of us can do alone is nothing compared to what we can do as a family. In keeping with this, you will see the Blue Bird of happiness. Not intentional, it was something that emerged as part of the creative process.

The kindred love is one of the simplest loves there is. Some how, each one in their place, as families, we fit together. Collectively they make the harmonious whole we call family.

The appeal this picture has to women is only natural. However, this painting has an unusual appeal to men who have seen it in the various shows it has been in. This appeal makes it unlike any painting or work I have ever done prior to it.

When people look at Family Faces, should it speak to them, they will each have their own interpretation of what they see. At first this was a bit of curiosity. In time the reason for the various views became apparent.

The varying views are because we each have a different definition of a loving relationship. Each fit together uniquely. Each a family. The only difference is in the definition. Also you may note that some do not see all the faces at first.

So, when you find people just gazing upon the picture, ask the question as I have...

"This is Family Faces. Tell me please, what do you see?"

Family Faces Painting Notes:

To date, this painting has appealed to more men than women on the whole. I do not know or understand. This is based on the comments from people that see the Family Faces painting.

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