The First of Jonathan Steele's Abstract Photography

Elements was a photo art show I accidentally entered. While visiting Wired Gallery in Bethlehem PA, my wife picked up an entry form for a juried art competition.

The Accidental Photographer

I thought the size requirement for the canvas painting was a bit unusual to expect a large showing. It was 11 x 14. So on buying an 11 x 14 canvas and getting it ready it seemed a good idea to review the contest requirements.

A Photograph Juried Show

It turned out the juried show was for photographs and not paintings. I had never shot photographs before. Well, maybe a Brownie Camera when young but never a SLR.

It was at this same time I had scouted out a burned down garage for potential found art fodder. It was a building belonging to a relative of a friend. In the heap was a untouched sign as big as my finger. It was an arrow with the word fire, perhaps pointing to an extinguisher.

It seemed an irony lying untouched in the heap of fire charred ruins.

On calling another artist, one who was a photographer to tell of the contest and even a place to shoot, she suggested I take up the camera.

So with a borrowed camera and a computer, my photography career began. Starting with Casual Moment, these are the first of my photographs.

The Results


Casual Moment Abstract Photography by Jonathan Steele


Was Abstract Photography by Jonathan Steele


A Study In Ribs Abstract Steel Photo


Burned Out Auto abstract photo.


Curves Photo of steel sculpted by fire.


Around the Bend Photo of steel sculpted by fire.


Emerge Photo of steel sculpted by fire. Some see a face in this photo.

All the pictures you see here can be obtained as art note cards. They are blank inside. They measure 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. Please contact me if interested. More information will be here in the coming months.

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