Cube Art

What Is It?

Cube Art or as it is affectionately known and also called, What is it? is a 4 inch by 4 inch welded steel cube sitting on its corner.

It is just quite simply a study of geometric shapes.

Why The Name of this Piece of Cube Art

This cube art, also known as What is It? is so called because people pick it up and ask, what is it. They look and suppose it is going to be quite heavy. It looks like a solid block of bronze. It is very light however.

This is a view of Cube out of the base. The base is part of how it comes to life.

A note from the artist, Jonathan Steele:

Cube art was designed as functional art. It was intended to have the owner / collector to pick it up and likewise have visitors pick it up.

Here is how it works. You will say, please, you have to feel this. Pick it up. Please use both hands. The guest now ready to exert enough strength to pick up an object weighing several pounds. To their surprise, it does not even weigh one pound.

This creates a change in their schism or the way they view the world. Things are not as they always seem.

Sometimes we as people are not as we seem. We will tend to latch onto the negative about someone and forget that there may be many positive things about them.

Cube is not just a study in perceptions of the mind. It is also a visual perception study. Turn it and you will see various different veins and lines in the finish.

It has a skin that was created a by a lost art that was used to do body repairs on cars long before fiberglass fillers were used. Then the skin has a patina that makes the sculpture look like a solid piece of bronze.

Cube is many things. It is currently for sale. What could it be for you and yours.

As always, keep art in your heart and prosper.

Oh yes, it is only the third of my sculptures ever made in Steel. To date, some of my earliest works have increased in value exponentially.

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