Crumpled Steel 2

The Black & White Abstract Photograph of Jonathan Steele

The Thoughts Behind the Photo

Seeing Crumpled Steel 2 in its raw state, the potential for a abstract photo jumped out at me. This is actually only part of the whole.

It is ironic, just as you may see all kinds of things in this photo, the same is true of looking at fellow humans. Even in the discarded people of our society, the ones considered like the trash of this photo, there are beautiful aspects and attributes that everyone have. The challenge is trying to get the view that will allow them to be seen in their spectacular glory.

Remember, this was simply junk, metal to be recycled. and yet, before it returned to something else, it still served another purpose.

This is not to suggest we invite them into our lives, although if you do, you may be in store for a delightful surprise. This is just to suggest we not look down upon them because they are not the same as us.

In my life, I have become friends of those of more humble backgrounds and it has been incredible to know them.


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