Collecting and Investing in Art:

Where and How Do I Start?

To best understand collecting and investing in art requires knowledge of what art is and does.

You need to understand the essence of what art can do and the power it has over our lives. This power affects mankind individually, socially and economically. You will find this at the second half of this page.

Then you will need an understanding of how to buy, care for and even resell the art to monetize your investment. You will find these links on the first half of this page.

The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.
Dale Carnegie

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
Henry Ward Beecher

Art Investment Do you know historically why art is a great investment?
1st of 8 parts on art collecting and investing in art.

The Art of Investing in Art More and more people are investing in art. Do you know what you don’t know about investing in art? Some basic considerations are covered here.
2nd of 8 parts on this unique investment.

The Art Print is one of the ways to enter the collectible art market. Do you know what to look for? Do you know the difference between a serigraph and a lithograph? What are mistakenly called posters and what are real posters? Find these answers and more.
3rd of 8 parts on collecting and investing.

Giclée Art Print looks at the new kid on the block of art investing.
This is 4th of 8 parts on collecting and investing in art.

Original Art Investing is not for just the rich and famous any more. More and more people are collecting and investing original art works.
This is 5th of 8 parts on collecting and investing in art.

Art Framing is a essential element of investing and collecting art. Learn the things you need to know about framing, matting, and how to get the best.
6th of 8 parts on collecting and investing.

Caring for Art does not stop at the framing. There are a few other things that need to be considered.
This is 7th of 8 parts on collecting and investing.

Re-selling Art is the part of investing and collecting where you cash out of your investment.
8th of 8 parts on collecting and investing.

Use Artwork for House Selling or staging is an outside the box way of getting a dividend on your your collecting and investing in art. If your trying to sell your house, you need to read this.

Collecting and Investing in Art Gives You....

Power of Expression

Art has the power to express the emotion of the artist. It can reveal the innermost emotions, feelings, and concerns and thoughts directly from the soul that is the artist.

It goes beyond a form of personal expression of the artist. It is also a means for the collector to express themselves. Art can be a window viewing into the collector. The art we choose and love speaks of who we are.

Power to Stimulate

Art moves people. It stimulates and motivates the viewers. Look at how simple posters were used to promote propaganda during the war years. Look at how advertising uses visual images to market products.

Art can stimulate conversation. It can stimulate thought. It can make people take pause, think and ask questions. It can even cause people to question what they think and change the way they think.

Power to Beautify

It can beautify spaces and places. Where ever art is, an environment is created. It can make a home more inviting. It beautifies public spaces. It allows the possessor to make a statement of beauty by its presence.

Ability to Empower

It can be used to intimidate. Imagine being next to a piece of art valued at thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. How would you feel being in the presence of art like that? Imagine a larger than life painting or massive sculptures. Their very presence can make you feel small. Collectors and investors can use art in this way to intimidate those who visit and view.

Power of Attraction

Art draws people. People travel around town and around the world to see art. It promotes tourism. It even attracts business and consumers.

These are just brief look at the many ways art can has power over our lives. The power to affect mankind individually, socially and economically is one of the primary reasons to invest in art.

It gives dividends in its presence. When being viewed it pays a reward to both the owner and observer. Art has power if you collect and invest in it wisely.

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