Black White Abstract Photography

The black white abstract photography you will see below resulted from a conversation with a fellow artist. Curious what would develop, a few of my abstract photos were turned into monochromatic photographs.

The results surprised me.

All of a sudden the shadows started to dance, creating things that were hidden within the colors I so loved. One of the most important thing to happen was the appearance of faces.

One word of caution about the faces. Like the faces in the wall that we saw in the night mares of our childhood, if you look for them, they will not appear. However, just casually glance, even stare at the whole picture and you will see them peeking out at you.

Please enjoy my black and white abstract photos.

About the Black and White Abstract Photos

These were taken with a Digital Fuji, processed on the computer. All of these photos are of steel, thus their names are my name sake.

The steel in the photos is from junk yards, burned out buildings or just scrap metal found in a field or along the side of the road. This recycles one mans trash into art, captured in the form of a photo, abstracted for your enjoyment.

Find a little more about each by clicking on the photo and seeing the larger version. Back up to take a look as well.

More on decorating with and using Black and White Abstract Photography will be coming soon.

black white abstract photography, steel abstract photo, burned out building, black and white photo, black and white abstract

This was first a color photograph. Then with the inspiration of experimenting with black and white, it was devolved of color to result in what you see.

The subject is a burned out building in Allentown PA just prior to demolition. The fire and weight of the collapsing building created a number of wonderful sculptures, captured in these photos.

Like looking into the clouds, you will soon start to see lots of things. Please share with me what you see.

Don't look too closely. Do you see a face?

black and white abstract photo, abstract steel photo, Jonathan Steele Photograhpy

You might see several different things. What do you see?

black and white abstract photo, abstract steel photo, jonathan steele photo, black white photo

black and white abstract photo, coiled steel black and white photo, b & w photo, abstract photography

abstract photography, black and white abstract photo, B & W Photo abstract Black White Abstract Photography Website