Using Artwork for Home Staging

Staging With Art May Increase Your Home Sale Price

If you use artwork for home staging you may be able to increase the offering price. By staging your home for sale you can reap several benefits.

Benefits like…

  • Selling it faster.
  • Selling it at a better price.
  • Selling it to a better clientele.

Consider why staging with artwork can reap rich rewards. This is more than a house selling tip. It is a way to get an art investment return with out selling your art.

Artwork for Home Staging May Help You Sell Faster

My friends who buy homes and fix them up will also decorate them. The reason, with out the furnishings, the house looks like a blank canvas. Side by side, which would be more appealing, a blank canvas or one with a beautiful painting on it?

The fact is, most people have little imagination when it comes to visualizing what a home could be. If you provide the atmosphere for them, they will have an easier time to make up their mind. This results in a faster sale than the house with naked walls and rooms.

Here is the best part. Even if you have abstract art and the buyers don’t like abstract art, if it is really good art, it will still work.

Note... You may have a dark (as in dark humor, dark mood) painting that speaks to you. It may not speak to your potential buyers. Avoid such art. Your real estate agent should be able to advise you if any art for home staging is inappropriate.

Also avoid paintings and photos of people or pets within your family. Such personal art will have an opposite effect than what you want.

You are selling a product and you will be gift-wrapping it. Only thing, you need to wrap it in generic wrapping paper and not paper that has your name of Bob all over it and you are trying to sell to a Sue, Dave or John.

Artwork for Home Staging May Help Bring a Better Price

The better your property looks the more it will sell for. In real estate, apples for apples does not apply. Take two different apples, one shiny and one dull, the shiny one can fetch a better price.

If you house is bright like a beautiful apple, it will usually fetch a better price or if you should get multiple offers, it will even get you a small percentage over your asking price.

Artwork for Home Staging May Attract a Better Clientele

People who are attracted to art tend to be of a different fabric than those of various other socio-economic groups. Their make up does not relate to how much money they have. It relates to what they personally value. These will not usually be offering the 20K under asking price offers.

Why do restaurants spend thousands for decoration and design. Because art attracts. Art moves people. Art speaks to people. When you decorate with art, you attract those same people and have a better chance that they will also want to enjoy their own art in your home.

What if My Walls are Naked?

Naked walls need not be an embarrassment. In the worst case scenario, you may have already moved out of your home and have it for sale. Here is what you can do. There is a way you can still use artwork for home staging to sell your house.

Rent or lease some artwork for house selling. I will even rent on consignment. Here is how it works.

Someone is selling their house and especially in a down market. If their price is reasonable for the market (based on comparable prices the Realtor has worked up prior to listing) I will put some Giclée prints throughout the house. They will be placed in relationship to where the sofa, beds and other furniture will set.

I require their insurance company will have an art rider to cover the value of the art if it is stolen or lost for any reason. I will also write out a bill for the retail cost of the paintings including sales tax. The sales agreement gives the homeowner a period of time before they have to pay for the prints.

In the event the new home owner actually wants the art, they are referred to me. If not and if the house sells above the asking price due to multiple offers, I charge a minimum price and after that price I get a percentage of the additional price the house sells for.

So if you invest in art, use your artwork for home staging and get a dividend on your investment.

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