The Art Artist Jonathan Steele

The Art Artist Jonathan Steele page is the place to start finding information to answer the question...who is the artist Jonathan Steele. From my early years till today and all the experiences that make me who I am.

The Art Artist vs.....

More importantly, the things that shaped my art work and make it what it is today.

First, let me say this is called art artist rather than writing artist also by the name of Jonathan Steele (not me) and the Public Speaking Artist Jonathan Steele (who just happens to be me) and The Jonathan Steele, RN who practices the Nursing Arts (who is also me).

Who is Jonathan Steele?

Jonathan Steele Artist Statement covers the first part of who I am. Learn my views about people in general and the art I create. Learn my motivation in creating all of the art you will see on this site. Learn about the forces that are behind every brush stroke, every hit of the hammer.

Artist Bio covers my life from moving away from home at the age of 15 through the changes and challenges that make my art work what it is today. From High School to machinist to my first national award winning art project, this is my life and how I became an artist.

One thing, I never knew that artist were supposed to starve. As a result I created commissions ranging from…well, you will have to look inside if you want to know.

Reach Out to Jonathan Steele

Jonathan Steele Press Media has my contact info and the some of the media coverage.

  • Do you want to get in touch with me?
  • Do you want to see what the media has to say about me?
  • Do you want to buy me a cup of coffee?
  • Want to send some kudos?

Then this is the place to get the information that will get you in touch with me.

The Art Produced by Jonathan Steele

The Impressionistic art of Jonathan Steele is the best way to find out who I am. Starting with my art, you will be able to look into my very soul.

Go to the Steel art… and see my name sake works of art, my abstract steel sculpture.

The Public Speaking Arts are also a passion I enjoy. So much so that I even have a website devoted to the art of public speaking. Please visit and check it out.

This is an overview of who the art artist Jonathan Steele is. Enjoy your visit.

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