First the Research

Thanks for visiting Mr. Patel. While the books are reading optional, you can read into the art what ever you think I was thinking, there is some info that needs to be considered. The two adult coloring book search terms had....

6225 searches and 45 results
4654 searches and 20 results

I can get into the top 10 and top 5 for these terms

But...We do not know how to make this explode. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Colography vs Out of the Closet
Colography did better in nursing homes, Out of the Closet did equal outside the nursing home. First we split test two page titles.

This is promoted on the idea that we kept our monstors in the closet. We also put our coloring book there when we turned 6 and never pulled it out again....(the story).
Here is one of the examples of one of the coloring pages. We found in our research that some elderly needed even simpler designs so we created a LITE version of the above.
Color My Bouquet was created next to sell through flower shops. The colors on my computer are not as good as the end pictures.
Then we created an advanced coloring book based on some of my abstract art works.
This had good interest among the hard core adult colorers (no xxx connection intended).