Abstract Photography Gallery IV

Jonathan Steele...Profile of Steele


Welcome to the Abstract Photography Gallery IV of Jonathan Steele. This is the Profile of Steele.

Do you see what I see in this abstract photograph? Think of transformers. If you look carefully you will see a profile of a giant steel man. Squinted eye at the top, mouth, chin, jaw and neck.

Do you see it?

This was not a giant steel sculpture. It is only abstract photo art. It is like looking for faces in the clouds.

This was a pile of bailed steel. Think of bails of hay, but this was steel instead. The picture was turned on the side to reveal the profile. But wait, there is more. Taking pieces of the picture at large made it possible to create even more artwork.

The Man of Steel was only the first of many pictures that came out of this shoot. Here is another picture.

If you look carefully, you will see faces or parts of faces. One that is perhaps most often seen is the head of a bird of prey. The orange eye is staring at you in the bottom center. Then you may notice the beak pointing down slightly to the left. or the lips and chin of a man at the bottom. What do you see?


Thanks for checking out the art.

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