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Green Dream 2004

I feel looking at art sometimes is like looking through a keyhole to see ones spirit. Emotions and feelings rising like softly wafting smoke can be captured so that we can see them, as if this is what they would look like.

Then I wondered what would you see looking through that keyhole when we dream? It is said we don’t dream in color. But what if we did? Would we dream in our favorite color? Everyone has a favorite color. What’s yours?

In the foggy moments of starting to dream what would it look like if we could remember? What shapes would start to form in our minds. What would we see at the beginning of a Green Dream?


How many faces do you see?


by Jonathan Steele

Do you remember lying in the grass on a lazy day and looking into the clouds and seeing faces? Perhaps you even looked with keen delight in the sky of the night to get a glimpse of the face of the man in the moon.

When very young I would look for faces in all kinds of places. I would look for faces in any arrangement of things, be they junk in a dump or the remains of a tree in the form of a stump.

Perhaps this way of seeing things comes from children art of that time where animals and objects might be hidden in pictures for the searching eyes to discover. You might remember Highlights for Children magazine. That’s where I learned from within the art the faces to uncover.

It was often in the dentist and doctor’s offices where this artistic mental exercise took place. Those visits held fond memories for me (so long as no pain was inflicted or horrible medications was I required to taste).

And that is the inspiration of Faces. There are two obvious faces in the upper top right. You will see more as you closely focus your sight. Some of people and some of animals within the art are blended. Some you will find were not even intended.

So, how many faces do you see? Like faces in the clouds, there are many.



The exploration of Black and white circles in the fractal viewpoint. One of Jonathan's earliest works and the first black and white painting by him.

It can be hung both horizontal and vertically.

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