Abstract Art

What is and How Can it be Understood?

Abstract art refers to art that is not realistically representational of objects in the natural world, rather by using color and or form in an aesthetic arrangement or combination.

The simplified or minimalist ways of Cubism and Futurist art from the beginning of the 20th century were considered Abstract Art. They kept taking away from the subject so that only an allusion of the original subject remained. As if a visual version of an abstraction in writing, is only the basic elements are shared.

Today abstract has a much broader meaning. Wikipedia includes "non-figurative art," "non-objective art," and "non-representational art" as three additional ways of defining the abstract genera of art.

What is the Definition of Abstract Art?

I Don't Get It

Often people will say they just do not get the abstract quality of some art. It looks like nothing more that a bunch of paint splashed on a canvas. Consider the experience of a bank manager who every day walked out of her office to see an abstract impressionism painting.

By the end of the show, having looked at it every day, she began to see the magic of art. She began to see the intrinsic beauty, flow, and rhythm of the painting. It spoke to her. She now looks at art everywhere she goes.

Understanding the definition will help you understand this unique art form. On realizing abstract thinking is part of our every day existence, it will be easier to embrace. Embrace it and increase the enjoyment of life and management of emotional health.

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting Gallery

Abstract Impressionism

Abstract art can include an impressionism style. The term was first applied to American art in 1946 by the art critic Robert Coates. It is said to have put New York in the center of the Art world.

Abstract Steel Sculpture

The same definition of abstract painting applies to abstract sculpture. Even the use of color has been incorporated into the works. There are numerous colorful art abstract steel sculptures. You will even see some on JonathanSteele-Artwork-Gallery.com/

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography can take three forms. The abstraction of the subject matter, abstraction of a part of the whole and abstractions within the photo. These can also be manipulated to create abstractions in art that is also colorful art.

Final Thoughts For Starting 2015

Are there other abstractions? The important thing is that art moves people. Art is one of the foundations of society and culture. Art speaks to individuals and to society and culture as a whole. It supports our mental health.

According to the Elliot Wave theory, social mood determine the market outcomes. That theory also predicts the kind of art that social mood demands. When social mood turns dark, dark art flourishes.

This move toward commoditization of dark art can be seen in abstract art as with any other genre of art. As with any move toward commoditization, there is a move toward de-commoditization.

This means as we start 2015, you will see less dark, gory movies attracting greater and greater crowds of viewers. There will be a small group who will look for the atheists of the dark art. more and more will be looking for the bright, cheerful and uplifting. Abstractions in art can provide both.

By 2022, according to the theory, all should be back to way it was before the year 2000.

Look at the past market down turns and correlate which movies were hits. You will find an interesting connection.

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