About Art Artist Jonathan Steele

The About Art Artist Jonathan Steele page explains how the web site art-work-by-jonathan-steele.com came to be.

About art artist Jonathan Steele:
................My Introduction to the Web

How many times have people said...You have to have a web site? They would tell how friends are making lots of money on their web sites.

The statement is true. A website is essential to stay competitive and make a living from art. Businesses who fail to learn to use this tool will be left in the road side dust of the information super highway.

So I got a web site. It was called JonathanSteeleWorks.com. An upgraded free site, it served the purpose for which it was intended. It allowed me to show my art work in a single gallery for all to see. It was easier than carrying around a portfolio of my art work or even the actual art works.

Only problem, it required having to get friends to change pages and do most of the work on it. It was not possible for me to load even a picture on it. This was when the web was in its infancy. The only other problem, it got no traffic and I could not make any money off of it.

Then something bad happened. Several galleries where my works were selling went out of business. This is how I made my living. It was the equivalent of being laid off with no unemployment insurance.

Back to School

About art artist Jonathan Steele's Webucation

I took a year of my life to go back to school. I once again signed up for and attended classes at the university of life in the college of hard knocks. My course of study was Web Site Building 101. My major was in SEO or search engine optimization with a minor in web site design.

The bottom line goal, to know how to build a website that would get traffic. More importantly, to build a web site that would allow me to make a living from my art.

Then again something bad happened or at least it might seem that way. It turns out that art is one of the singular most difficult site concept to build second only to website building and self employment.

What to Do?

First decision, build a site that would provide income if the art was slow. It was to be my unemployment insurance.

A passion second to my art is public speaking. I have lectured around the world. Speaking on mostly health care issues, more and more offers came to speak when someone failed to show up at conferences or seminars. It was easy to put together a lecture on just about any subject.

About Art Artist Jonathan Steele:
.....................Public Speaking Arts.

This passion resulted in the birth of my first site, Speechmastery.com

It is growing daily and enjoying traffic never before seen on the JonathanSteeleWorks.com site. By December 2006 traffic was up to 430 per day. By September of 2008 it was up to 1000 visitors a day. In 2011 the traffic was topping 2300.

Once that site was up to 160 pages, my attention was turned again to art. With the added knowledge, it became clear how to create an art site that would allow me to get in the coveted top 10 spots on the search engine results pages.

So starting in January, 2007, page by page this site started being put together. It was to feature my Abstract Photography, Abstract Impressionism and steel sculpture. It was to be an art website and gallery to sell from.

This would not have been possible if it were not for a special book. A book you will need to read if you want, need or will some day have a web site.

It is a book that taught me how to build a website that gets traffic. How to build a site that gets the click.

The KISS Principle in Overdrive

About Art Artist Jonathan Steele...The Scientist...never allow ego override of logic and science.

Warning, if you are an artist, it may not be what you want to hear. You may not even like what it says.

I had offered help to build a better site, one that would cost thousands of dollars. It was beyond what I could afford. Not in the cost of building it, rather in the cost of lost visitors.

His site (costing between $1000-3000 US) ranked above 3,600,000. As of December 2006, a total of 100 million sites existed. You might think that he is good.

My humble Speechmastery.com site at the same time ranked between 200K and 400K and occasionally went into the top 100 thousand of all web sites. Quite simply, my humble site lived in the top 0.01% of all sites, leaving him and his sites in the dust.

The question, do you want traffic, thousands of people a day or a fantastic site that perhaps gets 10-20 visitors a day?

Getting here was based on science, pure and simple.

A Paradigm Shift

About Art Artist Jonathan Steele...What You Are is Most Important

What you are is more important than the show you put on.

You probably have noticed that this too is a humble site. It didn’t cost thousands to build nor did it take hundreds of hours. Instead it was built on a powerful theory.

The theory is yours if you want to invest the time to read the book. All it will cost you is your time.

It is also the place where you can go to get the tools and support that will enable you to build a website yourself.

Get the book and check it out for yourself.

I hope this tells you a bit more about art artist Jonathan Steele and how this web site came to be. If you want your own site, I would be glad to help. Just contact me.

Jonathan Steele Artist Statement covers the first part of who I am. Learn my views, motivations and drives when it comes to creating art.

Artist Bio is my life from moving out at 15 through the changes and challenges that shaped me and my art.

Jonathan Steele Press Media has my contact info and the some of the media coverage.

The Impressionistic art of Jonathan Steele will tell who I am. With my art you can see into my very soul.

Go to the Steel art... and see my name sake works of art, my abstract steel sculpture.

Go to the Steele Yard (Home Page)

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