The Jonathan Steele Art Artist Statement

Jonathan Steele art artist statement will give you some insight into who I am. This is the philosophy that I create all of my art with and the purpose with which I work.

The Jonathan Steele Art Artist Statement

I believe that the most self fulfilling thing I can do is fulfill others. The most self serving thing I can do is be selfless. It is with this mind set that my art is created. Doing for others is a passion. Now with years of artistic life behind me, perhaps there is an even greater desire to be able to reach out to you, my visitor. I want my art to touch emotions, evoke feelings, inspire or move you the viewer.

I do believe that the sounds we hear such as music can remind us of past experiences. I believe colors do the same for the spirit within man. When colors work together harmoniously, they become to our eyes what music is to our ears. Images are the melody and color becomes the harmony.

To use color and sometimes images to accomplish this is my goal. At times there is a psychological component in my art. You will see colors contrasted with other colors allowing for the mind to recall thoughts or feelings. In other works you will see image within image or multiples of images. It may require that a shift your mind makes to see one then the other.

Other times I use an emotional feature. Images that remind us of hopefully great feelings. A kiss, an embrace, a hug from a dear loved one.

Mental pictures of past memories that we store like a print protected in the drawers of our mind. They are pulled out from time to time to view only by us, and then returned to safe keeping. My hope is you can imprint that memory in my art and enjoy it every day.

What ever you may see, what feelings they may free, some good and strong, even sad and long, to touch your soul is for me, hope of what my art could be.

BTW...This is called the Jonathan Steele Art Artist Statement page and the same term is used elsewhere because there is an Italian Cartoon Character named Jonathan Steele, a famous English Writer, and some High School football players, a musician, a lawyer named Jonathan Steele and an incredible photographer named Jonathan Steele.

This concludes the Jonathan Steele Art Artist Statement

Artist Bio covers my life from moving away from home at the age of 15 through the changes and challenges that make my art work what it is today.

Jonathan Steele Press Media has my contact info and the some of the media coverage. Do you want to get in touch with me? Do you want to buy me a cup of coffee? Want to send some kudos? This is the place to get in touch with me.

About Artwork by Jonathan Steele will tell the story about this web site and how it came to be. If you have ever thought you wanted a web site, need a web site, or have to have one, you need to read this story.

The Impressionistic art of Jonathan Steele is the best way to find out who I am. Starting with my art, you will be able to look into my very soul.

Go to the Steel art... and see my namesake works of art, my abstract steel sculpture.

Go to the Steel Photography… and see my name sake works of art, my abstract steel sculpture.

Thanks for checking out the Jonathan Steele Art Artist Statement page.

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