The Jonathan Steele Art Artist Bio

The Jonathan Steele Art Artist Bio covers my life from youth to present and my experience as an artist creating works of art. There is also the public speaking arts I love and the nursing arts that are included in my passions. Because of my many expertise's, some have labeled me as a polymath.

This is my a nutshell.

Moving Out

My Jonathan Steele art artist bio starts at age 15. Moving out on my own, among other things, my life has taken me from being a machinist, tool and die maker, a general contractor, a stone masonry contractor specializing in dry stone walls and fences to working internationally as a non-degreed engineer.

I have been a freelance public speaker since my first speech at a Colorado University while still in high school. I also have taught credit free public speaking class.

My Earliest Artistic Accomplishments

My career as an artist started at the desk of Ken Ernest of the Mary Worth Cartoon. He helped me create my first cartoon character named Melvin.

I soon left cartooning to explore sand carved and etched glass in the late 70's. Commissions came in from across the states and later internationally.

One highlight of my career was a commission for a restaurant working with award winning Denver Colorado designer Jane Gates featuring numerous panels of etched and sand carved glass. It won a national interior designers award.

Being juried into the Washington Square Out door Art Exhibit in NYC was memorable too. That show allowed me to meet in person many of the artist who's works I grew up admiring.

My artistic training was from observation and fellow artist through the years who mentored, and encouraged me. Tuition for traditional college was not an option. I had to attend the University of Life. The hours were great and there was no heavy lifting involved.

In the mid 80's my career was put on "slow" to pursue other items on my life's list of things to do. (Through those years I continuously produced my art, just less).

Included on that list was becoming a registered nurse. Nursing has allowed me to meet and be a part of thousands of peoples lives. It has had a tremendous effect on who I am today. In many ways, nursing is an art.

My Re-emergence

I was able to resume my art career (and the art part of the Jonathan Steele art artist bio) when I returned to being an almost self supporting full time artist as of February of 2005.

This will be my 44th year in the arts. It is only possible because of the many patrons like you who support the arts and especially those who invested in my works.

To all of you, my thanks. I still may be found providing health coaching from time to time, to people all around the globe as nursing holds a special place in my life.

I hope you enjoyed the Jonathan Steele art artist bio.

Jonathan Steele Artist Statement covers the first part of who I am. Learn my views about people and the art I create. Learn my motivation in creating all of the art you will see on this site.

Jonathan Steele Press Media has my contact info and the some of the media coverage.

Do you want to get in touch with me? Do you want to buy me a cup of coffee? Want to send some kudos? This is the place for my contact information.

About Artwork by Jonathan Steele will tell the story about this web site and how it came to be. If you have ever thought you wanted a web site, need a web site, or have to have one, you need to read this story.

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